I am a hands-on Industrial Designer with a particular interest in the role that good design plays in the development of brand identity and brand strategy. In 2014, I interned in Tianjin, China at Fuji-ta Bicycle Group, one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world, before graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from the University of South Australia.

As an Industrial Designer, my work focuses on the emotional connection between humans and objects. Through observation of peoples behaviour & interactions, we can understand their every day needs, wants and problems, and provide innovative solutions as useful, meaningful and culturally-relevant products & experiences that improve their quality of life. 

I love nothing more than a day spent at full-speed on the dirt, or more often upside-down in the mud, on my downhill bike. I believe that cultural awareness is vital to my professional objectives as a designer and, as a keen traveler, have begun to expand my cultural horizons, having so far interned in China and backpacked through South-East Asia.

I am currently an Industrial Designer at Rowlands Metalworks + SPARK Furniture.